Research laboratory-Jiangong Campus

Position Lab name Director
EE.B01 Seminar Room(1) LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.B02 Seminar Room(2) LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.B03 Seminar Room(3) LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.B04a Storage room LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.B04b  Electro-Optical Signal Detection Lab. Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.B04c  Light Driven Electric Power Lab. Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.B05a Network Application Lab. W.P. Chen
EE.B05b Seminar Room(3) LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.B06a Optoelectronic Engineering Lab. Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.B06b Optical Signal Processing Lab. Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.B07 E.E. Department Society Office
Position Lab name Director
EE.101 Materials Room Hung Yu-Chia
EE.102 Materials Room LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.103 Professional Meeting Room LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.104 Smart grid components and pilot production center multifunction smart grid practice facility Ming-Yuan Cho
EE.105 Electric Machines Structure Lab. K. S. Su
EE.106 Electric Machines Characteristics Lab. K. S. Su
Position Lab name Director
EE.201 E.E. Department Office Hsieh Ming Yu
EE.202 Chairman Office of E.E. Department Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.203 E.E. Alumni Office/ Student Counselling Room Hsieh Ming Yu
EE.204a Power Management and System Control Lab F. Z. Chen
EE.204b Power Quality Lab. Ming-Tong Chen
EE.204c Biophotonic Lab Jenq-Nan Yih
EE.204d Optoelectronic System Design Lab. Hsiao-Yi Lee
EE.205 Library/ Meeting Room LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.206a College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EE.206b Distribntion System Planning Lab. LI,ZONG-EN
EE.207 Faculty Room HUANG,JHONG-CING
EE.208 Power Information Network System Lab. HUANG,JHONG-CING
Position Lab name Director
EE.301a Energy Technology Research Center Ming-Yuan Cho
EE.301b Green Energy Conversion Lab.   Chia-Hung Lin
EE.302 Power Electronic Applications Lab. K.D. Wu
EE.303 Power Electronic Applications Lab. Hurng-Liahng Jou
EE.304 Data Mining Lab. Lee, C.H
EE.305 Distribution Automated Mapping/ Facility Management Lab. Chia-Hung Lin
EE.306 GPS/lmage/Satellite Applications Lab. Kuanchih Wang
EE.307 Applied Intelligence Lab. Ko-Wei Huang
EE.308 Electrical Transient Lab. YE,ZENG-SYONG
EE.309 Intelligent System Lab. Hong-Jie Dai
EE.310 Smart Grid Technology Application Laboratory Te-Tien Ku
EE.311 Electric Energy Conversion Lab. K. Y. Lo
EE.312 Energy-saving Technology Research Lab. LU,WEI-TING
EE.313 Computer Servo Control Lab. Zong-Cing Jheng
Position Lab name Director
EE.401 Basic Electronics Lab. WU,HONG-YUAN
EE.402 Materials Room SHAO ZI-YONG
EE.403a Digital Integrated Circuit Applications Lab. WU,HONG-YUAN
EE.403b Network Operations Center LIN HUNG-YANG
EE.403c High Performance Parallel and distributed Systems Lab. Tyng-Yeu Liang
EE.404 Faculty Room Ming-Tong Chen
EE.405a Equipment Room SHAO ZI-YONG
EE.405b The Forntier Living Technology Research Center Lab. Yi Jwo-Hwu
EE.405c Green Power Lab Ming-Yuan Cho
EE.406 Broadband Mobile Wireless Networks Lab. Wen-Shyang Hwang
EE.407 Multimedia Communication Applications and Securities Lab. Wen-Shyang Hwang
Position Lab name Director
EE.501 Microcomputer System Application Design Research Lab. Jhu-shoung Yung
EE.502 Faculty Room Jhu-shoung Yung
EE.503 Computer Classroom Tyng-Yeu Liang
EE.504 Robotics Applications Lab. Chung-Hsun Sun
EE.505 Micro-Processor Interface Lab. Jiunn-Ru Lai
EE.506a Internet Classroom Tyng-Yeu Liang
EE.506b Faculty Room W.P. Chen
EE.507 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing Research Lab. Jiunn-Ru Lai
Position Lab name Director
EE.601 Sequential Control Lab. Shih-Wei Kau
EE.602 Faculty Room Shih-Wei Kau
EE.603 Seminar Room Hung Yu-Chia
EE.604 Faculty Room Chia-Hung Lin
EE.605 Faculty Room LU,WEI-TING
EE.606a Intelligent Control and Computer Vision Lab Chung-Hsun Sun
EE.606b Lntelligent Automation Lab. J. H. Chou
EE.606c  Fitness Product Electronic Control and Design Lab. Chun-Hsiung Fang
EE.606d Non-Linear Control Lab. Cing-Siang Li
EE.607 Faculty Room Ming-Yuan Cho
EE.608 Faculty Room WU,HONG-YUAN
Position Principal Position Director
EE.701 K.D. Wu EE.702 Cing-Siang Li
EE.703 Tyng-Yeu Liang EE.704 J. H. Chou
EE.705 YE,ZENG-SYONG EE.706 Chung-Hsun Sun
EE.707 Hong-Jie Dai EE.708 Hurng-Liahng Jou
EE.710 Jenq-Nan Yih EE.711 Ko-Wei Huang
EE.712 Hsiao-Yi Lee EE.713 Lee, C.H
EE.714 EE.715 Tong-Yi Guo
EE.716 F. Z. Chen EE.717 Yi Jwo-Hwu
EE.718 Professor Office EE.719 Te-Tien Ku
EE.720 Hsieh Ming Yu EE.721 Chun-Hsiung Fang
EE.722 Kun-Shian Su EE.723 LI,ZONG-EN
EE.724 Jiunn-Ru Lai EE.725 Wen-Shyang Hwang
EE.726 Zong-Cing Jheng EE.727 lounge
Position Lab name Principal
EE.709a Faculty Room Hung Yu-Chia
EE.709b Faculty Room Hung Yu-Chia
EE.709c Faculty Room Hung Yu-Chia