Educational Mission

Educational goals and core competencies

   The school’s educational goal is to cultivate international talents with liberal arts learning enthusiasm, specialized knowledge and skills, and wisdom and adaptability”. The core literacy of students is extended from the educational goal. Through the cultivation of strong workplace strength, hard and soft students with cultural literacy and a global vision of life aesthetics, professional knowledge, lifelong learning, citizenship responsibility, practice, creative thinking, communication, expression, and teamwork. In line with the school’s school philosophy, educational goals, and development policies, the educational goals set by the department and the core competencies that graduates should have are as follows:

Educational goals:

■ Professional ability:teach students the fundamental and theoretical electrical engineering courses and

   cultivate professional and high-quality engineering technology talents.

■ Practical technology:Through theory and topic production, experiment and practice courses, cultivate students’ practical

   technical ability.

■ Teamwork:Have the ability to communicate and express, teamwork, and cultivate a sound personality.

■ Lifelong learning:educate students to grow up continuously and cultivate the willingness and ability for lifelong learning.

■ Engineering ethics:Teach students to have a working attitude of courage, perseverance, precision, and diligence, and

   cultivate students’ engineering ethics.

■ Diversified education:Provide a diversified curriculum and learning environment and cultivate talents that meet social

   pulse and international development needs.

Core competence:

■ Possess basic professional knowledge and skills in electrical engineering.

■ Have the ability to summarize, analyze, and integrate engineering practices.

■ Have the ability to communicate and express oneself and teamwork effectively.

■ Cultivate students’ability to learn independently and continue their studies, and implement the concept of lifelong


■ Possess professional ethics and social responsibility awareness, and abide by intellectual property rights and professional


■ Have an in-depth understanding of the international development trends of related industries and accept global

   competition challenges.