A. Education

1. IEET (Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan), Accreditation on Engineering and Technology Education, since 2007.

2. Complete programs including 2-year college program, 4-year college program, master program, doctoral program.

3. Over 10000 square meter research and teaching space, including classrooms, lecture hall, research laboratories, and

   teaching laboratories.

4. Industry Professional Assessment System (iPAS) examination hall of electrical vehicle mechatronics engineer, offering

   training courses for both students and industrial partners.

5. Keeping on improving teaching, join New Engineering Education Method Experiment & Construction project

B. Research Area

Research focuses on power, control, and information science areas.

1. Power Engineering Group: smart grid、power electronics and motor drive。

2. Control Engineering Group: automatically-optical inspection and intelligent robots.

3. Information Science and Communication: intelligent computation application, and artificial intelligence innovation.

C. Honors

1. IEET Accreditation on Engineering and Technology Education 2021.

2. A-class Project in New Engineering Education Method Experiment & Construction from 3/1/2021 to 1/31/2023. The

   Ministry of Education NTD six million.

3. In 2019, Business Favorite University in south technology university from 1111 Human Resource Agency.

4. Business Favorite College Student in south technology university from CommonWealth Magazine, 2019.

5. Best Univ. in south technology univ. 2019, Global Views Monthly.

D. Industrial Co-op

1. Industrial partner including National Health Research Institutes, Institute for Information Industry, ITRI, NCSIST, Taiwan

   Power, CSBC, ASE Technology, ASMC,

   KYEC, Google, Micro-Soft, Fukuta Motor, Kymco, Tongtai, AIDC, Veterans General Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial

   Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital.

2. Holding Mechatronics And Automation Control Industrial-Academic Cooperation Program.